10 X Reusable Awning Tarp Clips/Clamps

10 X Reusable Awning Tarp Clips/Clamps

10 X Reusable Awning Tarp Clips/Clamps

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Best tarp clips on the market, known for never breaking!

Our tarp clamps are designed to give you a quick solution when you are in a need to tie down a rope, secure a tarp or need an anchor point to bungee cords or hang any cover on the roof to create a canopy. The locking clamp design grips the object directly for superior power and they are reusable know for never breaking!

✔️ Simple to Install and Remove: Easy-to-use tightening screw. The rotational lock allows you to tighten or loosen in order to customise the tightness of the adjustment of thin or thick covers, no worry about damaging or detaching your tent or canvas. 

✔️ Multi-purpose Functions: Tarp clips are designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, and adventurers with a versatile and easily storable accessory. Convenient for any use: outdoor camping, tent, awning, canvas, tarpaulins, and more.

✔️ Instant Solution to Your Anchor Point Needs: These locking clamps provide an instant anchor point to attach any standard bungee cord, tie-down or rope, help you grip the object directly with superior holding power

✔️ Stays Firmly in Place: Our tarp clips securely attach to your tarps or blankets. The alligator mouth is specifically designed to offer a more stable closing between the tarp and clip, allows a more effective clamp only by squeezing it.

✔️ Strong Gripping Power: Heavy-duty lock grip tarp clips designed with adjustable spiral thumb screws and alligator mouth with teeth hold tarps much more stable than the normal clips, without using any tools or making any holes. 


Can you remove the bolt and put it through the eyelet? A:Yes you can it works great that way

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