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Easy Grip Socket

Easy Grip Socket

Easy Grip Socket

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This universal socket will replace a set of sockets! Save your time and money and invest into a unreal socket today!

Universal sockets use a specialised drive design that allows one socket to turn various shapes nuts,screws,hooks,lag screws and bolt heads: 6-pt, 12-pt, star, spline, square, except rounded fasteners. Our Universal spring design is dedicated to Standard or Metric sizes ensuring you get a snug fit on everything!

The design allows you to fit were over tools can’t, it allows you to work smarter no harder! 


Each socket contains 54 spring loaded pins that are made from high quilt steel, when the socket is placed on any object the centre pins go back allowing the outer pins to surround the object, as you turn the outer pins will stay gripped.

No matter what size or shape the object is our universal socket will fit, even if the bolts are broken or rusted or even a random object it will work with.

Universal Socket 1 * 3/8" Drill Adapter

This is the only socket you’ll ever need, fits all bolts, nuts, nails and objects no matter the size/shape.

✔️ Fits all power tools and a 3/8 ratchet wrench!

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